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Hi, I’m Vishrut 👋

I am the owner of Solveion, an innovative startup dedicated to streamlining and democratizing video creation with AI-powered solutions. At Solveion, we tackle the challenges of time-consuming and costly video production by offering an all-in-one platform that simplifies every step, from processing various formats and generating visuals to crafting scripts and adding voiceovers. In addition to my entrepreneurial journey, I am a senior consultant at Nous’ Toronto office. I hold a PhD in Engineering with a specialization in design optimization and have over five years of experience in the automotive, aerospace, and electronics sectors. My expertise lies in providing innovative software solutions that fast-track the design process. With an analytical, solution-oriented background, I excel in structured problem-solving, research, and technical capabilities. I am proficient in generating and integrating data from various sources to deliver insights to stakeholders. My passion lies in solving complex business problems through the innovative use of analytics and machine learning.

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The Power Of React Hooks


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Selected projects (4)

Material interface control in multi-material topology optimization using pseudo-cost domain method

Design optimization • Fortran • General Motors

All-terrain vehicle chassis design using multi-material topology optimization

Design optimization • All-terrain vehicle • Fortan

Numerical and experimental study of bistable piezoelectric energy harvester

Sustainability • Renewable energy • Matlab

Multi-material topology optimization considering natural frequency constraint

Topology optimization • Fortran • Natural frequncy • General Motors

Stoic Quote

A man who makes a decision without listening to both sides is unjust, even if his ruling is a fair one.

by Seneca

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